Hateful rhetoric in politics and the media is demonising ethnic and religious minorities, and governments are exploiting fear to undermine our human rights. Rising levels of violent crime against women and minorities make it clear that we still have a long way to go in the fight for equality. Here are some ways you can stand up for victims of hate in our society. 

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value women

The "Great Men Value Women" project is a gender equality initiative that aims to challenge stereotypes of masculinity. The programme trains young men to go into schools and talk to boys to challenge their preconceptions about masculinity and gender. 


Pocket protest

Join Amnesty UK's Pocket Protest movement. Sign up to the SMS action network to receive messages about situations requiring immediate action. Simply reply to add your voice to the support. 

Stop funding hate

Many of our favourite brands advertise regularly in Daily Mail, Sun and Daily Express – all of which have been called out by the UN for hateful and divisive content. Leverage your power as a consumer to prevent these organisations from funding the spread of hateful messages about minority groups. 



Our Migration Story maps the stories of generations of migrants who have arrived at the British Isles. The site contextualises the historic diversity of the British Isles, and highlights the incredible contribution made by people who arrived from abroad. 

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Join liberty

Our Human Rights Act is under threat. For a few pounds a month you can join and support Liberty, an organisation committed to protecting the Human Rights Act as we leave the European Union. Liberty are proud defenders of human rights in the UK.



Hate crime is on the rise in the UK. Reporting hate crime is an important way of ensuring it receives appropriate attention from the authorities, and that it is dealt with without victimising the people who are victims of it. 

This list is collaboratively sourced and we need you to help us build it. Let us know about any causes you think should be included.