An unprecedented 65 million people have been displaced by war, persecution, and natural disasters across the world. Globally, there are over 22 million refugees. Over half are children. As government responses to this crisis remains inadequate, here are some ways you can help provide for victims of conflict and disaster. 


give a smartphone

Your old smartphone could change someone's life. Refugee Phones give people mobile phones so that they can keep in touch with loved ones and, more importantly, access important legal and medical information and maps.

Phone credit

Mobile phone data can be lifesaving for displaced people. It can help them to navigate as they cross unknown countries, to access crucial medical and legal information, and to contact their loved ones. Find out how you can help keep refugees topped up.

Be a penpal 

Write a letter to a refugee or displaced person somewhere in the world telling them about yourself and they will write one back. Let's get to know each other and start reaching out across the spaces that divide us. 

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protest detention

Immigration detention is dangerous and often illegal. People are held for indeterminate amounts of time in dangerous conditions where sexual assault, drug abuse and suicide are common. Help Movement for Justice to end this injustice. 

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Donate a bike

Give your old bike to a refugee. Arriving in a new country is overwhelming, and is even more difficult if you're trying to survive on an allowance of £36 a week. Give someone the chance to get to know their new home for free.

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support safe passage

Safe Passage UK have been helping vulnerable refugees and displaced people arrive safely and legally in the UK. Your support could help an unaccompanied minor, a pregnant woman or a person with a disability to reach safety.

Verso books support migrants


Verso Books created a migrant solidarity reading list for World Refugee Day. These books will help challenge and expose hostile narratives about refugees and shed some more light on the challenges of moving through the world as a displaced person.

climate refugees EFJ

Climate refugees

In 2016, extreme weather and climate events displaced nearly 45 people every single minute. But these people are not recognised as refugees. EJF are demanding that climate refugees be given legal rights. You can sign their petition asking EU leaders to stand up for climate refugees.

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offer shelter

This year has seen multiple devastating examples of the destruction that extreme weather can cause, and a continued increase in people made homeless by conflict. Shelterbox offers tools to victims of disaster to rebuild their homes and their lives.


Be a host

Refugees at Home matches generous people with spare rooms in their homes with refugees and asylum seekers in need of accommodation. You could provide accommodation on an emergency basis, for a few days or for longer periods of a few months.

This list is collaboratively sourced and we need you to help us build it.

Let us know about any causes you think should be included.