In the UK, more than nine million people live in poverty. Food bank use is at a record high and the number of people sleeping rough has more than doubled since 2010. Austerity is pushing more and more people out of their homes and below the breadline. Here are some ways you can help people living in poverty and faced with homelessness.



Crisis is a national charity supporting people who are homeless, are at risk of becoming homeless or who have been homeless in the past two years. They also investigate the causes and impact of homelessness, and campaign to end it altogether. 


Download streetlink

Streetlink is an app that let's you register when you see someone sleeping rough, and that then puts that person in touch with local support and services that can help them. The app is particularly important in winter, when the cold can be fatal.

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buy a coffee

Next time you buy a coffee for yourself, buy another in advance for someone who needs it, no matter why. If your coffee shop doesn't support suspended coffees, introduce them to the movement and ask them to add themselves to the map.


end period poverty

Young people from low-income families have been found to have been missing school during their period because they can't afford menstrual products. The Red Box Project tries to ensure that no one misses school because of their period.

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pay the living wage

The Living Wage is different from the government's 'national living wage'. It's independently calculated each year based on what employees need to live. If you're an employer, paying the Living Wage is good for business, your employees and society. 


support a foodbank

The Trussell Trust runs over 400 foodbanks in the UK and provided over 1 million packages of emergency food and supplies last year. Help them end poverty and hunger by donating supplies, fundraising or volunteering your time. 

This list is collaboratively sourced and we need you to help us build it. Let us know about any causes you think should be included.