This section is full of actions you can take to improve equality, democracy and to make the world a better place. Your spare time and lifestyle choices could make all the difference – here are some ways how.

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Make votes MATTER

The 2017 General Election saw the Conservatives win 20% more seats than Labour with only 2% more of the popular vote. Join Make Votes Matter's fight to make this the last election to use a broken system by demanding fair, proportional representation.

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be a mentor

OurGirls Mentoring is a platform which connects Year 10 - 13 girls, particularly from ethnic minorities and disadvantaged backgrounds, to young professionally successful mentors. Become a mentor and help reduce professional and educational inequality. 


End school cuts 

Government funding cuts are leaving 93% of schools worse off, and are leading to increased class sizes, loss of staff and an average loss of £436 per pupil per year. The School Cuts site suggests ways to take action to prevent further damage to the system. 


Fund journalism

High quality investigative journalism is a crucial mechanism for holding authorities to account. Show your support for integrity in the press by reading, sharing and funding the work of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.



If you can't give money, your time can be equally as valuable. Do-it is a database of volunteering opportunities across the UK and signing up to one could be an opportunity to build on your skills, as well as to support an organisation that you care about.

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Do your bit to support african and caribbean-owned businesses in the UK. Buy a Jamii card and get discounts across hundreds of hand-selected businesses including beauty products, restaurants, salons and clothing brands. 

This list is collaboratively sourced and we need you to help us build it. Let us know about any causes you think should be included.