Our NHS is on the brink of collapse. Already, trans people and women struggle to access services and now the very principle of universal healthcare free at the point of use is in jeopardy. We can all help provide care for vulnerable people and support the NHS by taking some of the steps below. 


Support choice

The Abortion Support Network provides financial support, accommodation, information and advice to women travelling from Ireland and Northern Ireland to have safe, legal abortions in the UK. Find out how you can support them. 

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Homeless period

Bloody Good Period are an organisation that provide sanitary products to food banks and asylum-seeker drop-in centres. Menstrual supplies are expensive and difficult to do without. Donate, volunteer, support.


give blood

The NHS are particularly in need of rare blood types, and of blood from black donors, which is more likely to be usable to treat sickle cell disease. Find a blood centre near you and book an appointment - it's quick, it's easy and it saves lives.


Organ donation

An average of three people a day die in the UK waiting for an appropriate organ for transplant. Adding yourself to the NHS organ donation register is quick and easy, but you could help save multiple lives. 


trans healthcare

Trans people face all sorts of barriers when trying to access healthcare services in the UK. Action for Trans Health support trans and non-binary people to have their healthcare needs met, as well as educating medical professionals on trans needs and issues.


end period poverty

It recently came to light that children from low income families have been missing school because they can't buy menstrual supplies. The Red Box Project tries to ensure that no one misses school because of their period.

This list is collaboratively sourced and we need you to help us build it. Let us know about any causes you think should be included.