What is Resist List?


2017 saw millions take to the streets in protest.

We marched for the NHS. For women. For democracy. For refugees. For the planet. We fought injustice and we challenged hate – but our work is only just beginning. We must remain visible on and off the streets, fighting for vulnerable and marginalised people, for our rights, and those of the planet. We must continue to make our voices heard.

Complacency and inaction threaten us all, yet many of us don’t have much time to devote to activism and campaigning. Resist List is a collaboratively-sourced list of actions you can take to make a difference on these vital issues however much time, money, or energy you have to spare. Every act of resistance counts. You can make a difference, and we can help.

Fighting for social justice, human rights, and the environment. One action at a time.

Resist List is an independent campaigning organisation promoting causes that tackle inequality, injustice, and climate change. We are not affiliated with any political group or party and receive no sponsorship, advertising revenue, or external funding.


If you're interested to hear more about new items on the list, campaign successes and how you can support us you can sign up to our mailing list using the form below or visit the get involved page on our website.


Header image by George Ampartzidis (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).